Flags and Banners

Flags and banners have played a significant part in campaigns and in celebration of community and individual identity throughout our history and during my time as an artist working with communities I have created many banners and flags, from heirloom pieces to ‘banner in a day’ sessions. I am passionate about sharing the history of banners, particularly through work with school children, and helping people to consider the things that are important to them and how to communicate those through either painted or sewn flags and banners.

Cath was an inspiring person to work with and had great ideas about how to develop the children’s understanding of protest and demonstration as a way to engender social change. Her technical skills and meticulous planning and preparation allowed the children to have a genuine voice in the work produced and come out with some stunning end products. Sarah Martin, Teacher.

Examples of Recent work

Suffrajitsu Banners for Horse and Bamboo

Two stitched banners which will form part of the set for the touring production of Suffrajitsu, an original puppet and visual theatre performance about some of the courageous women fighting for their rights and the fictitious story of one young girl from Lancashire’s experience with them in her hometown and in London. The production is designed for young audiences and will tour schools and theatres in Autumn 2018 and beyond. More information.

Digital designs for Suffrajitsu banners


Burnley Canal Festival Flags

As part of the team of artists working alongside flag maker Wendy Meadley, I facilitated workshops, managed the project and created flags for the festival designed by local community groups. The flags will be used each year to decorate the site and connect local communities to the festival and the canal.



A View From Crime Lake

Part of a series of projects under the umbrella of a Heritage Lottery Funded programme in Limehurst, Oldham, exploring the cultural and leisure history of the area. This banner, created with Crafty Lasses, reflects their own relationship with textiles as a leisure activity and those of women working in the local mills.



Suffrajitsu Schools Programme

2018-04-20Working for Horse and Bamboo Theatre Company and with Chant productions I facilitated sessions with six local schools to create Suffragette inspired painted banners which formed part of the set for each school’s Suffrajitsu performance.

Pupils learned about how the movement used banners as part of their campaign as well as how contemporary artists and campaigns have created and used banners.