lanterns-and-chapel-galleryI love to paint and decorate anything that doesn’t move fast enough to get out of range! I am particularly passionate about decorating useful, everyday items like pottery, furniture and textiles. I am inspired by folk art from around the world and across the ages and by people’s drive to decorate their environment and communicate their individual and community identity through the things they wear, use and where they live.

My most recent commission for Blackburn Market was a dream come true when I was approached asking if I would be interested in painting a tuk tuk. For someone who loves to paint on objects, a vehicle has always been my ambition, and over a six day period I worked in the market with artist Sana Maulvi, transforming a neglected but fairly new tuk tuk into a functional, joy-inspiring object that will initially live in the market, but will hopefully be available for hire in the future.

In the past I have sold at markets and fairs and I was part of the small team that ran No11 Town Hall Street in Blackburn, a shop selling locally made arts, crafts, gifts and homewares.

Painted Furniture

My work has been used in photoshoots for Country Homes and Interiors.